History 6 – Secondary Level 2, Pt 1 – World History

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Book: The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History – Currently $23.21 at amazon.

History 6 – Secondary Level 2 – Part 1 – World History

This course requires work in geography, government and economics, as well as history.

4 Mainstay Questions of Historical Study
The Major Theories of History
The Basis of Government Systems
Government Types
The Golden Mean
Economic Systems and the Golden Mean
Government & Economic Systems: Pros & Cons
Recap of Prehistory
Recap of Ancient History
Miracle of Freedom, Pts 1-4
Geography – Physical Features, World Wonders and Landmarks, Countries and Capitals
Miracle of Freedom, Pt 5-6
The Last 500 Years – 1492-2000
Miracle of Freedom, Pts 7-10
The 21st Century

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