History 5: World & US Studies with Emphasis on the Role of Religions in History


Available Fall, 2020 – First High School level course


  • World History first semester.
  • Review of previous course content – principles, timeline, geography, family & culture, famous persons
  • Emphasis on religions and the role of religions in world history.
  • Study of World Religions.
  • US History second semester;
  • Review of previous content:  principles timeline, geography, family & culture, famous persons.
  • Review of the Declaration and Structure of the US Constitution
  • Role of religion in the settlement of America, the Founding, and since.
  • Special emphasis of he role of religion in the formation of the US government.
  • Required Resource:  The Founders’ Bible, Available from www.Wallbuilders.com  for $70.00-$80.00


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