History 5 – America, Land of the Promise – Beginning-Mid 1800s

Now available – Video, PDF & Texts – Upper Elementary-Middle School.

Video in production – Will be available before Christmas

• To remind students of the rich historical and spiritual heritage of America.
• To remind students of the covenant and promise the Lord gave to those who dwell in the land of America. (Ether 2:11 & 12)
• To shine a light on the persons, events, and places that have played major roles in the establishment of the United States of America.
• To study the early years, the Constitution, and the miracles that God brought forth.
• To commit to memory:
◦ The Mayflower Compact
◦ The Declaration of Independence
◦ The Preamble
◦ The First Amendment.

• The Book of Mormon
• The Doctrine and Covenants
• America: Land I Love, 3rd Edition, Abeka 8th Grade US History Text. Available from Abeka or Christian Book for $38.05.

• Video lectures – will be added in an addendum – 2nd download
• Text reading and notation.
• Adding Church History to the timeline.

Comment: If I were to have my children do only one course in American History, this and History 6, would be what I would choose. Mrs. K.

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