History 4 – World History Survey

Now available – PDF, and Text with Internet Activities – Age 9 & Up – 180 Lessons

A different view of history and a different way of studying it than normally taught.

We start with PREHISTORY – 4000 BC through to the Time of Abraham. Here students use the Scriptures, particularly the Books of Moses, Genesis, and Abraham. They make lists of the highlights, add to their timeline begun in History 2, and learn the REAL history that occurred before the normally taught history of The Fertile Crescent. They also journal their insights and new understandings of history. At the end of the PREHISTORY study, students spend two days writing a summary essay of the time period.

Then, we move into ANCIENT HISTORY and begin work in and through the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. Students read a section a day, and journal pertinent questions and answers. They also get to search the Usborne Quick-Links to find activities, videos, and information of special interest to them on the topic being covered. These, they also journal. At the end of the Ancient History unit, students spend three days writing a Summary Essay on the time period.

The third unit, MEDIEVAL HISTORY, and the fourth unit, THE LAST FIVE HUNDERD YEARS, are also taught out of the Usborne volume. Questions are supplied for thought and comprehension. Students are encouraged to explore the Quick-links pages, and at the end of each unit, three days are spent writing a summary essay on the time period.

The very last unit, THE 21st CENTURY, involves reading through a timeline of events that have happened since January 1, 2001. Students consult with their parents to determine which events on the timelines are worthy of note and exploration. Then, they make their own annotated time line for the first 20-some years of the century. Again, a Summary essay is expected.

This course combines a solid spiritual beginning with a scholarly overview of history and brings it up-to-date.

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