History 2B – Native American History – Online


PDF & Text – 96 Lessons, plus Videos

Don’t miss the videos. You will learn as much if not more from them as from the book.

To review the background history of Native Americans.
To learn a bit about Native American history since the Nephites.
To experience some Native American crafts and culture.

A Kid’s Guide to Native American History, available new for $16.10 at amazon.
This volume contains a brief history of some of the North American, and more specifically the United States Native Americans, with cultural activities and highlighting of modern-day famous Native Americans. Parents read the text to their student and parents and students select the activities they will do.

Excellent Video Collection: As an addition to the course, parents may wish to use videos at various junctures. These are available on youtube in the following playlist: Native Americans for Kids – Kristen Andrews 64 videos on history, culture and crafts