History 2A – Major World Events – Overview & Timeline

Available Dec. 6-7

PDF and Video – Nine Units – 59 Lessons

I – In the Beginning: The Plan, The Purpose, The Need for a Savior
II – The Beginning through the Resurrection: The Plan, Creation, The Fall, The Atonement, Pt 1 & 2; The Resurrection
III – Filling-In the Ancient Timeline – Enoch through Abraham: Review, Constructing the Timeline, Enoch nd the City of Zion, Noah and the Flood, Peleg and the Great Division, The Tower of Babel, Abraham, More about Abraham
IV – Filling-In the Ancient Timeline, Pt 2: Moses & the Ten Commandments, The Diaspora, Prophecies of Jesus
V – The Importance of Christ and His Teachings in History
VI – The Apostasy & the Birth of Freedom
VII – The Restoration
VIII – The Gathering
IX – The Second Coming & the Millennium

There is memory work as the child learns the timeline, Scriptures and more.

An excellent grounding in a true Gospel view of history.

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