History 1 – The World From the Grand Council to Today – For Beginners – Not Yet Online


Video & PDF – Survey type course – Full Year – 180 Lessons for Ages 6 & 7

Overview of World History beginning with the Grand Council in Heaven and continuing through Creation, the Garden, the Fall, the First Family, Cain and Abel, Seth & Enos & Learning to Read and Write, the Patriarchs – especially Enoch, the Flood, the Resettlement and Re-population, Geography before the Flood and after the Time of Peleg; The Confusion of Languages, Priesthood Colonies – North America, Salem, China, and the Time of Abraham. There is then interweaving of Biblical and Ancient History with geography and culture from the time of Abraham through to the time of Christ and the Roman Empire. Then we cover the Apostasy, the Dark or Middle Ages, heroes and villains, and the modern era to today with the establishment of the United States, the Dawn of Freedom, the Restoration of the Gospel, and where we are today…

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