History 1B – America: History of the Land and Its People


Revised Version:   Available January, 2021 – Semester Course.  PDF & Videos.


  • 72, twice-a-week lessons
  • Recaps From the Grand Council, through the Adamic Civilization, and the Coming of the Jaredites.
  • Highlights the Nephite culture and subsequent Native American cultures.
  • Includes the Miracle of the United States.
  • Concludes with America by the Alphabet.

It requires purchase of the book: America: A Patriotic Primer, by Lynn Cheney.  Available at amazon for $19.99 hardcover new, &0.50 & Up used ($3.99 Shipping).  Or Paperback $9.99 new; used $.29 & up ($3.99 shipping).

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