History 13 – The American Covenant: One Nation Under God

New Line-Up 2022 – Post High School Honors 3 – Now Available – Text and PDF Only – High School and Older

Don’t Miss This Course. It is the capstone and brings the student back around to where we started: Ether 2:11 & 12 – The whole story of the history of the US and the world.

To gain a more in-depth understanding of the purpose and mission of the United States of America and our role in fulfilling that destiny.

To better appreciate the workings of God in the founding and history of our nation.

To learn new concepts, people, vocabulary, etc.

To prepare ourselves to be good citizens.

Course Format:
There are two texts for this course, both of great worth to our understanding of America’s past and present. Each is to be read in order.

A suggested reading schedule is presented to keep the student on track, time wise. However, he is welcome to read them all at once, if preferred.

Required: The keeping of a course journal, plus two summary essays.


Course journal or journals, the number depending upon your “Ah-ha!” moments and insights.

The American Covenant: One Nation Under God – Volume I Discovery Through Revolution – $22.95 deseretbook or amazon

& The American Covenant: One Nation Under God – Volume II – The Constitution, The Civil War, and Our Fight to Preserve the Covenant in Our Day – $20.49 amazon; $22.95 deseretbook.com

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