History 10 – World History from Christ to the Present – An LDS Perspective

Available by Christmas – Videos, Texts and PDF – Avid Reader who likes stories or High School and older.

The bulk of the course From Christ through the Persian Gulf War is taken from Dan Hunter’s monumental, 3-volume work: The World After Christ – an LDS Perspective. It is available from archivepublishers.com or livinghistory-books.com or wholesome-books.com for $105.16. You can purchase the volumes separately for $38.95.

The remainder of the course, covering from 1991 forward is a compilation of videos, articles, and commentary compiled or written by our own Mrs. K.

The full course covers 10 “Epochs” from the time of Christ to the present. The first 9 Epochs each examines three major events in each epoch around which history is related in ‘story’ form. After reading through each epoch, students are asked to write their own summarization of each. This must be no less than 10 typed pages, double spaced in 12 point Times Roman and give extensive detail on the time period, the personalities and the events related in the text.

The 10th Epoch: Toward the Millennium – As in the Days of Noah… additionally requires self-examination of one’s own history and one’s own place and purpose in history.

Takers of this course must be good readers and interested in history. The text is somewhat captivating and once you get going, the revelation of history unfolds and is a bit addictive.

Highly recommended for those who wish to see history through a clearer lens.

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