History 0 – Introduction

History at Ascent Advantage Academy is a bit different than you will find elsewhere.

It is tempered by a Latter-day Saint worldview and the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For example, History 1 – Unit I is I Am A Child of God which highlights the student’s spiritual heritage and valiancy.

History 1 – Unit II – Details certain aspects of World History, ending with the importance to the United States of heeding Ether 2:11.

Again in History 2A, the major spiritual events of World History are highlighted with the construction of a time line.

History 2B covers Native American since the Nephites.

Other courses include insights into miracles that have occurred throughout history, and especially the importance of righteousness to a society.

Three criteria are used to “judge” a people or civilization. These criteria are:
1 – The Four Questions regarding their religion
2 – Their position on the Consequential/Cyclical Wheel of History – Prideful or Humble
3 – The level of their adherence to Gospel Principles, Correct Principles, known or unknown.

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