History 2 – World & US History Overview, Timeline & Geography


Available by September 1, 2020. – PDF and some video – 144 Lessons

This course, as all History courses, is divided into two Parts:  18 weeks of World Studies and 18 weeks of United States Studies.

World Studies:

  • Outlines World History from the Grand Council to the Millennium.
  • Includes memorization of events and dates or approximate dates
  • Establishes a foundation for further study.
  • Sets a framework for the history curriculum through construction of a timeline.
  • Covers basic geography

United States Studies:

  • Reviews the Promise or judgment upon the land.
  • Establishes basic criteria for historical study.
  • Outlines the history of the land of the US from the Creation to the Millennium
  • Emphasize Miracle of the Founding Era and the role of the United States in the Restoration.
  • Emphasizes the physical geography of the land.
  • Reviews the principles of Liberty and the necessity of a righteous society.
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