Health & Fitness 5 – The Morning Miracle: Living in Congruity with the Divine


Now Available.  PDF format.  Ages 12 & Up.  Main Focus:  Forming the Habit of Early-in-the-Day Accomplishment for Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Health

Required:  The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious-Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Day before 8 AM by Hal Elrod.  $17.96 on amazon; less used.  2012 Edition.

Back Story:  I, Mrs. K., was about to write the content of this course from scratch when I came across Hal Elrod’s book.  As I perused it, I was thrilled with its content and felt I could do no better.  Following admonitions in the Scriptures, I had already found the principles Hal Elrod speaks of in his book.  They had changed my life and allowed me to accomplish so much more.  I wanted to pass them on to my students. Consequently, I encourage AAA students to buy the book, take the course, and practice the principles to be able to accomplish more in their lives and bolster their spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health.  Bottom Line:  Taking responsibility for one’s self and one’s own progression.  Becoming who Our Father would have us be.  Course Required for graduation.


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