Health & Fitness 1 – Safety First, Rainbow Eating, and Sports Play

Health & Fitness 1 – Located in the Science Section of the Curriculum. For 4-7, and up, if interested.

This course presents 36 once-a-week lessons in Safety, Foods, and Sports Skills.

Students make a Personal ID Kit, learn their “Secret Safety Code”, and the VERY BEST Safety Tip of all

From there, they explore different types of fruits, making fruit salads.

Next, students “get into Sports” by practicing throwing and catching balls, making baskets, jumping rope, skipping and kicking balls into basket.

Next on the fun agenda is more safety lessons and more lessons on various fruits.

Lesson 37 is a Bonus meant to excite the student as to the various kinds of fun summer salads he/she an make throughout the summer break.

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