Health & Fitness 1 – Safety First, plus Rainbow Eating & Sports Play


Now available.  PDF with video links; activities. 36 Lessons, primarily for ages 4-7.  The Summer Bonus Activity is worthwhile and fun for any age.


  • Instructions on creating a Safety ID Kit.
  • Learn about fruits.
  • Create several types of fruit salads
  • Practice fundamental sports skills such as throwing and catching a ball, jumping rope, skipping, throwing baskets.
  • Watch safety lessons in the following categories:  Fire, Electricity, Water, Home, Personal, Outdoor, Street & Car, Animal & Farm, Bicycle, Gun, and Winter.
  • Summer Bonus:  Create special kid-friendly fruit salads like the Spider, the Butterfly, the Turkey, the Mouse, the Crab, Palm Trees, Heart, Duck Pond, Christmas Tree, Rainbow & Fruit Pizza.



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