Health 2: The Student’s Laws of Health, Sprouting, & Heavenly Fathers Laws Health

This second course is for mid to upper elementary students. It is 36 weeks in length, one lesson per week. PDF Only. 41 pages.

There are three parts to the course.

The first part, Lesson 1 – 10, is an introduction to the Student’s Laws of Health. It mentions those rules of heath which are of particular importance to us to be able to do our best in learning.

The second portion has to do with purchasing and using those supplies in the process of learning how to sprout. The book required is: Growing Your Own Living Foods: Sprouting the Easy Way, $19.95 through You will also need two canning jars with sprouting lids – also available through amazon or your local health food store. This portion encompasses Lessons 10 – 16.

The third and largest portion of the course is: “Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health.” These lessons reiterate the “Student’s Laws of Health”, but dig deeper into the scriptures and expound more upon the whys and wherefores of the laws.

Carding is expected throughout the course, and there is a “Final” should you wish to take it.

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