1. Define adjective.

2. What are the questions an adjective answers? (4)

3. What are “articles?” They are also noun as “___________ __________________s.” (3 + 1)

4. What do adjectives add to a sentence?

5. There are three forms of adjectives. They are the ______________________, the ________________________, and the _________________________.

6. Which form of the adjective describes one thing?

7. Which form of an adjective is used to describe three or more things?

8. Which form of an adjective describes two things?

9. What does a 3rd degree adjective do?

10. Give the ending for a 2nd degree adjective.

11. Give the ending for a 3rd degree adjective.

12. Correctly spell the following:

a. 2nd degree for brave

b. 3rd degree for early

c. 2nd & 3rd degree for wet

13. Conjugate the following adjectives:

a. dark

b. curly

c. bad

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