Government 9 – A Primer on Political Labels

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This course covers differing political philosophies, memorizing the remainder of Articles III-VII of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and finally continuing the work in current issues through the use of the Who’s Who Binders.

The Text for this course is Are You Liberal? Conservative? or Confused? by Richard J. Maybury. It is available from Bluestocking Press or amazon for $12.95.

It discusses political labels: Liberal, conservative, left, right, democrat, republican, moderate, socialist, libertarian, communist. It expounds upon their meanings, the economic policies each entails and what that particular policy could mean for your money!

Mr. Maybury warns, “beware of anyone who tells you a topic is above you or better left to experts. Many people are twice as smart as they think they are, but they’ve been intimidated into believing some topics are above them. You can understand almost anything if it is explained well.”

Course Format:
• There are 144 Regular lessons.
• There are 36 weekly lessons spent on Current Issues.
• There are 36 weekly lessons taken from Are You Liberal: Conservative? Or Confused?
• There are 72 lessons spent on learning, understanding and memorizing the Constitution.

Current Issues –
• Each week garner articles, news, etc. on what’s happening at each level of your government.
• Make notes on these in each binder.
• Each quarter (at Lessons 1, 46, 91, 136) decide upon a government level and an issue at that government level that you will study.
• Work on learning about the issue you have chosen.
• Attend government meetings at that level if possible and necessary.
• Sometimes governments will publish their agendas ahead – particularly at the local levels.
• Also, can you get C-span to watch Congress?
• Find a source for your state government.
• Finally, decide how you feel about the issue. Make sure your view is in line with Constitutional principles. Then, take a stand and let your voice be heard.
• Write a letter to the editor.
• Call-in on talk shows.
• Write or speak directly to the government officials involved.

Text Assignment:
• Follow as outlined in the lesson grid.

Learning, understanding and memorizing the Constitution –
• For these two days each week, work on the assigned portion, review portions memorized previously.
• Make sure you understand the meanings of the words and terms.
• Write out the various articles of the Constitution to keep their memorization current.
• Note the Notes at the end of the Lesson Grid concerning the Constitution and what needs and does NOT need to be memorized, as well as the reason WHY we are asking you to memorize this document.
• Use the Techniques you have learned in Study & Success Skills.

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