Government 7 – Principles of Liberty

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Principles of Liberty, Part One, examines four works. Each is a noted classic in its own right and is an introduction to political thought and philosophy.

We begin with a talk by President Benson, when he was prophet of the Church, in September of 1986. “The Constitution – A Heavenly Banner” details some of the
fundamental principles necessary to liberty.

Next, we turn to The Proper Role of Government, also by Benson. It is only available with the addition of H. Verlan Anderson’s, “The Improper Role of Government”. We will not be discussing Anderson’s work in the course, but students are welcome to peruse it. In The Proper Role of Government, Benson cites scripture as well as many renowned authors and works in delineating the proper role of government. Students are expected to be able to recite the principles they learn here. It is available for $5.95 from Deseret Book.

Third, we will read and discuss Frederic Bastiat’s, The Law. This is a work refuting socialism as an economic and government form. Students will be expected to recount the reasons Bastiat gives for not adopting socialism. The Law can be purchased at for $3.44

Fourth, and last, we will delve into Common Sense, the Revolutionary era classic by Thomas Paine. Common Sense is also available at for $5.79.

1 – Memorization of Article I of the Constitution. One day a week is given over to this pursuit.
2 – Keeping current on the issues and actions of government at the local, county, state and federal levels. One day a week is designated as GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS DAY in which the student updates his Who’s Who Binders (See a previous level for details) and works on a particular issue at a particular level. One issue per government level. Subscription to a local paper or online news service, or receiving updates from the several levels of government is expected.

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