Government 5 – Constitution Reprise III with the Articles & The Bill of Rights; plus Worldwide Church Government & Local Governments Who’s Who Binder Notebooks

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This year we review what was learned before, learn more, and read through the text of the Articles and first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

We also make local government reference binders to help us keep track of local government.

We learn about the world-wide government of the Church.

• To review the history surrounding the why and how of the US Constitution.
• To read the text of the original articles.
• To read and memorize the Bill of Rights.
• To keep current the memorizations of
• The First Amendment
• Preambles to the Declaration & the Constitution
• Scriptures about the Constitution and our responsibilities in regard to it
• The Tenth Amendment
• To begin a Who’s Who View Binders for Local Governments for reference purposes.
• To up date as necessary the Binders for Who’s Who in Washington, and Who’s Who in State Government
• To learn about the world-wide government of the Church, and who’s who.

• Download – Government 970
• Texts: The Constitution of the United States (A True Book), by Christine Taylor-Butler, available at amazon for $7.41 new. The Bill of Rights (A True Book), by Christine TaylorButler, $6.95, new at amazon.
• Cards & supplies for the Beehive Brain Box Learning System. (Study Skills 2)
• Two binders – viewbinders preferable, with adequate dividers for each public official you will be learning about. (Use an eight pack for each binder.)

Course Format:

First Semester –
1 – The Constitution – A True Book
• Days 1-15, Lessons 1-12 plus Weekly Rs

2 – Articles – Becoming Familiar with the Text.
• Days 16-45, Lessons 14-36 plus Weekly Rs

3 – Local Government Who’s Who Binders
• Days 46-90, Lessons 37-72, plus Weekly Rs

4 – Finals within each section

Second Semester –

1 – The Bill of Rights – A True Book
• Days 91-114, Lessons 73-92, plus Weekly Rs

2 – The Bill of Rights – Reading and memorizing Amendments 1-10.
• Days 115-166; Lessons 93-133, plus Weekly Rs

3 – World-wide Church Government & Who’s Who
• Days 167-180, Lessons 134144, plus Weekly Rs

4 – Finals within each section.

Lesson Format: Review Section for all of Course.
• Review Cards – including those from previous courses, especially these facts:
• Dates of the Constitutional Convention
• Date the Constitution was signed
• Date the Constitution was ratified (Became Law.)
• Structure of the Constitution
• Articles of the Constitution & what each is about.
• Memorization of the Preamble and the First Amendment
• Why the First Amendment is so important.
(Government 3 – Days 18 & 19, Lessons 15 & 16)
• Memorization of the Declaration Preamble
• Memorization of the Tenth Amendment
• Why of the Constitution
• How of the Constitution
• Constitution Timeline (4)
• The Great Compromise
• The Three Governing Councils of the Ward & Who Is in Them.
• The Four Councils of Stake Government & Who Is in Them
• The types of local communities in which you live and their governments –
• Type
• Offices
• Departments
• Services

Lesson Format: Constitution Reprise III Section
• Look up and card any bold words
• Read the selection.
• Card the added facts & details as directed
• Work on learning the facts.
• Lesson duration – 15 to 25 minutes.

Lesson Format: Articles Section
• Review Cards as given under Constitution Lesson Format above.
• Read portions of Articles as directed
• Discuss

Lesson Format: Local Government Section
• Review Cards as given above under Constitution Lesson Format above.
• Put County Binder Together
• Put village, township, town or city binder together
• Learn the facts / Do the activities.

Lesson Format: Bill of Rights
• Review cards as given above
• Read text, gleaning new facts & carding them.
• Learn facts
• Memorizing pertinent Amendment 1-10

Lesson Format: World-wide Church Government
• Review Cards as above
• Observe Organization Chart
• Learn about current members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve

Lesson Grid:
• Is set-up for a 36 week; 180 day course.
• Lesson particulars are in the grid.
• Follow the Lesson Formats immediately above.

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