Government 3 – Constitutional Reprise; Local Civic & Church Government

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Here, we review the why and how of the creation of the US Constitution. It is a story that is well worth repeating.

Then, we learn about the structure and content of the Constitution.

Next, we delve into local church government on the Ward level, and local city government, however that may look in the student’s locale.

Former memorizations are also revisited.

• To review the history surrounding the why and how of the US Constitution.
• To review the memorizations of the Preambles to the Declaration & the Constitution
• To learn the structure and content of the US Constitution.
• To write in the student’s own words, the why and how of the Constitution
• To learn the government of the Ward.
• To learn about the student’s local civic government.

• Downloads Government 3 & Reference GOVT 2 & GOVT Resource 2
• Text: A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution, by Betsy Maestro & Guilio Maestro, available at amazon for $8.99 new; used copies available for less.
• Cards & supplies for the Beehive Brain Box Learning System. (Study Skills 2)

Course Format:

A More Perfect Union
• 30 Lessons
• 22 include reading, carding, writing and memorizations
• 6 Review Days
• 1 Day for the Final
• 1 Award Day

Ward Government
• 15 Lessons – 8 Regular; 5 Review; 1 Final; 1 Award

Civic Government – Local Levels
• 17 Regular Lessons
• 10 Review; 2 Final; 1 Award

Lesson Format:
• Review Cards.
• Look up and card any bold words – the vocabulary, definitions on page 46.
• Read the selection.
• Card questions and answers in each lesson
• Work on learning the facts.
• Lesson duration – 5 to 15 minutes.

Lesson Grid:
• Is set-up for a sixteen week; 80 day course. (Two weeks short of a semester.)
• Lesson particulars are in the grid.
• Follow the Lesson Format immediately above.

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