Government 1 – Family Councils, Government Basics, & The Tuttle Twins

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A SUPER COURSE – Highly Recommended

This course has three parts.

Part 1 – Family Councils
It covers the importance of Family Councils, their functions, setting-up a Family Charter, and making Family Councils routine.

Uses President M. Russell Ballard’s book: Our Family Council Journal.

12 Lessons, plus 12 Family Councils after the Lessons are completed.

*HINT: During the weeks you are completing the second 12 Family Councils, also work on Part 3 of this course: The Tuttle Twins.

Part 2 – Reprise of Government k 4/5 – Government and My Role: I Am Responsible for Me

Contains the definition of government, re-examines self-government, and introduces the 3 basic types or levels of government.
10 Lessons

Part 3 – The Tuttle Twins
Requires the Tuttle Twin Series – 12 Primers in Government and Economics
Titles include:
The Law
The Miraculous Pencil
The Creature from Jekyll Island
The Food Truck Fiasco
The Road to Serfdom
The Golden Rule
The Search for Atlas
Spectacular Show Business
Fate of the Future
Education Vacation
The Messed-Up Market
The Leviathan Crisis

Cost: $63 to $97 at – depending upon whether or not they are on sale.

The 12 primers cover property rights, the free market, entrepreneurship, socialism, why education is important, true laws, the Golden Rule and much more.

The package also includes 12 activity books that match the titles.

12 Books – Cover one book per week.

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