Getting Started 8E – Health Concerns

In the Scriptures, we are given some pretty good guides for our health. These scriptural guides are taught and discussed in the lessons of Science Unit 2.

Science is proving more and more the wisdom of Doctrine and Covenants 88:124 and 89:1-21. As a former Health Coach, I try to stay up on current developments. I recently attended a symposium where 29 experts – all Doctors – specialists in their fields, ranging from medical doctors to chiropractors to naturopaths, spoke on the state of health in the world and what we need to do to become and stay healthy. Almost every single one validated in some way what the Lord told us over 189 years ago.

Their advice, in a nutshell is: “Be Positive; Love, do not hate. Ditch the negative. Move. Get adequate sleep. Eat right. Seek God’s help and PRAY.”
Compare that with the D & C 88:123-126 and D&C 89. Interesting.

More is available in the individual lesson videos in Science Unit 3A under Science here in the Lesson descriptions.

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