Getting Started 8D – Daily Writing – The Importance and Practice of Good Penmanship

Good Penmanship IS Important.

For one, it shows good discipline; that the student has mastered himself in this area.
Second, lousy penmanship, forming letters in the wrong way (yes, there is a right way) can result in learning deficiencies and challenges.

We suggest, even if the student has never written before, or knows his letters, that he start NOW to form them correctly. Most everyone can join in and needs some help in his penmanship. Use the charts below.

First, master the print form.

FREE Handwriting pages and WHY it is so very important.

1 – Have the student learn to write his own name legibly.
2 – Have the student practice the alphabet in full, singing the alphabet song – if young; perhaps watching some ABC videos on
3 – Have the student learn and write his address in full, including city, state and zip code.
4 – Have the student learn the names and phone numbers of his parents.
5 – Have the student learn to write his birthdate and place.
6 – Have the student learn to write the names of all his living relatives and those direct line ancestors through the fourth generation back. Have him print the latter on a family tree.

If the student is older, first work to master print letters, then launch into cursive.

Resource #1 – NOTE: Close the lowercase “b” so that it doesn’t look like an “l”.

Coming Soon: For Practice: 26 Sentences, one for each letter of the alphabet.

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