Getting Started 8A – Lessons While You Test: Learning Strategies and Recordkeeping

This Unit Teaches the Parent and Student Recordkeeping and Learning Strategies.

It is contained in the early units of the Language Arts Curriculum through Basic Study Skills.

Please access these lessons as they are of great importance in succeeding in the curriculum.

Unit 0-A Preliminaries 1: What to Expect
Unit 0-B Preliminaries 2: Intro & Lesson 1
Unit 0-B Lessons 2-4 – Learning by the Spirit
Unit 0-B Prayer Chain Project
0-B Unit Exam PDF
Unit 1A – Basic Study Skills: The Beehive Brainbox Learning System.
Unit IB – Basic Study Skills: The Composition Note & Assignment Book.
Unit 1C – Basic Study Skill EXAM

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