Getting Started 5 – Begin Right: Who Am I? – My Missions and Special Interests

Fine Tuning Education

There are Two Parts to Everyone’s Education:

The GENERAL includes what everyone needs to know: reading, writing, speaking, basic math skills, history and civics, basic science, financial literacy and more.

The SPECIIFC includes what is of special interest to the individual, and also what will be of benefit to him or her in fulfilling various roles or missions in life.

When Setting-up your child’s course of study, include his/her special interests. Also, as you plan, keep in mind the roles he/she will be called upon to fulfill as he/she matures.

If you, as the student, are setting-up your own course of study, do the same. Take into account your special interests and the roles you will be fulfilling in life. If you have received your Patriarchal Blessing, consult it.

Whether you are the parent or the student organizing a program of study, ALWAYS consult with Our Heavenly Father through prayer to determine what is right and inline with His wishes.

Below there are materials, questionnaires and websites to help you make these decisions.

The following are questions for a student to answer. However, if the student is young and you know him well, try answering the questions for him. Then, ask him the questions an see how you did. You may be in for some surprises.


1 – IF you could do anything, what would it be?

2 – If you could be anything, what would you be?

3 – What is your dream vacation?

4 – What is your favorite subject? Why?

5 – What is your LEAST favorite subject? Why?

6 – Do you prefer to play or work with other kids(people) or play and work by yourself?

7 – When you grow-up and are a parent, what does that look like? Where do you live? What is your home like? How many kids will you have? What type of career? Wht will be you top priorities?

8 – Do you like to create? Art? Dance? Music? Food? Clothing? Sandcastles? Make things out of clay? Wood? Another material?

9 – What, to you is the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE?

10 – What are your gifts and talents?

The following are Career Aptitude Tests. (For students 8 & up) Parents should monitor.

We suggest you choose three as the results may differ, or they may all come in with the same results.

Copy the urls into your browser.

Career Aptitude Test –

Truity Career Aptitude Test –

The Balance – 10 Free Career Aptitude Tests

Parent/Student Action:

1 – Mull over the results of your Questionnaire.

2 – Mull over the results of your aptitude tests – if you took some.

3 – Draw some deductions and generalizations about what might be a good career path or paths for you.

4 – What preparation is necessary for each path?

5 – What other than work obligations will you have? Mother? Father? Church member with callings? Community volunteer? Active in local government or causes? Friendships? Leisure Activities?

6 – Think about the future and what you would like it to be?

7 – If you have received your Patriarchal Blessing, what does it have to say about your future?

THEN… with the results of the Questionnaire, Career Aptitude Tests and the previous 7 questions determine a tentative plan of study for this year.

FINALLY, seek the counsel of Our Heavenly Father. Ask if what you have chosen is right for you?

And, my young friends and dear parents, follow that counsel. You can’t go wrong if you do.

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