Getting Started 3 – Begin Right: The Devotional and Scripture Study

The Devotional – Background

About five years after starting the Academy, we wondered WHY our students were doing so well. We were then much like the public system or other private entities. What were we doing differently?

The answer was prayer.

Since then we came across a study which compared the academic performance of students in schools which acknowledge God with students in schools which do not acknowledge God. Students in schools that acknowledged God were two to four years ahead of their counterparts!

So, we highly recommend at least Prayer at the beginning of your school time.

We also recommend that you begin with a Primary Song or Hymn as music opens up the brain for learning, particularly if you are watching a chorister directing the the music.

Have hymnals, songbooks or device screens – phone, tablet, laptop or PC, to be able to follow along with the words and music.

The Church Conducting Course, available from, is an excellent resource from which to learn conducting skills. We highly recommend that all in the family learn to direct music. It will improve your family devotionals, as well as allow each member to be of further service at church.

Our recommended line-up – follows the Church pattern:
Primary Song or Hymn

In the Live Online Academy, we add a recitation of the Scripture we are memorizing.

We also add the Pledge of Allegiance. You might want to do the same in your Homeschool.

Then, we go into our Brain Gym Exercises. (See Getting Started 4 – Begin Right – The Brain Gym Exercises.)

After BRAIN GYM we encourage you to do your Scripture Study.

IF you have a younger child or children, choose one of the Scripture Stores classes. We recommend the one that aligns with the book of scripture being currently studied.

If your child is age 8 and up, we suggest that you begin our Feasting Upon the Words of Christ series, which is a year round study. It features covering the four Standard Works: Bible, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price once each year, and the Book of Mormon one-and-a-half times each year. This is a complete reading. It includes vocabulary work, as understanding the scriptures is partially dependent on understanding the vocabulary. In addition, we encourage “likening” the scripture unto yourself and keeping a journal of your insights and revelations.

We encourage that this course is covered at the beginning of the day with the Book of Mormon reading and then at the end of the Day with the reading from another Standard Work. There is no substitute for such a study as those of us who have done it can testify. Spirituality, obedience, companionship of the Holy Ghost all increase. Thus, so do testimony, faith, and commitment.

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