Getting Started 2q – Orientation to Learning – Course Assessment



1. What are the 3 main points given in the Introduction to assure your success in Home schooling?

Lesson 1 – Learning Readiness Testing

2. Name 2 Brain Gym exercises that will help you assess your child’s readiness for learning.

3. Where can these be found?

4. How many Learning Readiness Test Lessons are in the PDFs?

Lesson 2 – Helpful Hints – How to Help Your Child Succeed

6. What two main topics did Mrs. K. address in the video?

7. What substance is bad for the brain and for immunity?

8. T or F Video games and cell phones do not affect the brain.

Lesson 3 – Study Skills

9. What is the name of one of the Academy’s study systems?

10. Where can it be found?

Lesson 4 – Rewards and Recognitions

11. T or F Success Breeds Success.

12. What awards are available on the site?

Answers follow in Getting Started – Orientation to Learning 2r.