Getting Started 2m – Learning Readiness Test 10

Lesson 10 – Testing for Manual Dexterity

1 – Can the student pick-up objects using the opposition of his fingers and thumb? Left hand? Right Hand?

2 – Can he pick-up and use tableware efficiently?

3 – Can he pick-up and use a crayon correctly?

4 – Does he grasp his pencil or pen correctly?

A – If your child is very young, go to to see the evolution of a grip development. This is a series of pictures which makes this very easy.

B – If your child is 5 and above, this is how his pencil grip should look.

5 – Can the student control the pencil or crayon to write or draw what he wishes? This does NOT mean, does he know his letters or numbers. It means can he control the movement of the writing instrument?

Remediation: If necessary, practice the correct grasp and using the pencil or crayon. However, this is covered again, in the Language course. The important part here is that the child can control the instrument.

Have fun doing mazes.


You are now done with your evaluation and testing regarding whether or not your student is neurologically ready to learn.

You have kept an accurate record of areas that need remediation or could be improved and are doing so.

Congratulations. For areas of remediation, keep working until the skill or task has been mastered and any difficulties alleviated.

Always, consult your child’s physician if you find any gross or little problems, or if something concerns you.

Also, always engage in Brain Gym, as the chances are that doing the Brain Gym exercises will help to upgrade the child’s performance. If you feel the need, go to the site and search out a Brain Gym professional who can do the Re-patterning. (See the Brain Gym Icon for Brain Gym Exercises and reference as to what Brain Gym is and does.)