Getting Started 2j – Learning Readiness Test 7


Lesson 7 – Tactile Differentiation of Objects.

This is fun, as it is easily made into a game.

1 – Use a paper sack or cardboard box – something into which the student may place his hand to feel, but not see the objects.

2 – Into the sack place 5 objects. This could be a miniature toy car, a pencil, a coin, a marble, a spoon.

A – Ask the student to put his hand into the container and pick-out one of the objects. Continue until he has correctly identified through feel, all but the last object. Did he do so correctly?

B – Now place in the sack 5 miniature cars or five coins, or five of any objects that are similar in shape, but do have some differences. For example: a teaspoon, a tablespoon, (These are tableware – not measuring spoons.) a soup spoon, a jelly spoon, a baby spoon, a serving spoon. Have him pick out each object as he identifies it, by the feel. Did he do so correctly?

C – If the student has difficulty in these tasks: Practice.

Every day, put one thing into the bag and have him identify it by feel. When he can do one, start putting two items that are similar into the bag and have him pick the one you ask for. When he can do this consistently, he has mastered the task and you can stop the exercise.

Do a maze or more.