Getting Started 2f – Learning Readiness Test 3


Lesson 3 – Testing for Proficiency in Doing the Bilateral Army Crawl.
Everyone needs to be able to do an on-the-stomach, bilateral army crawl in order to set-up the correct pathways and synopses in the brain for efficient and fluent reading and comprehension. See Youtube video below. The first part at 18 to 60 seconds will show you how to do the Army Crawl properly.

Test your student.

Have him get down on his stomach – flat-out. Then, have him move himself along as you would expect an infantryman to do who was wiggling his way across an area with low barbed wire about a foot off the ground.

He should pull himself along by alternately moving his right hand and arm with his left leg and foot and then using his left hand and arm at the same time he uses his right leg and foot.

If he does this, crossing an area of twenty feet in a matter of seconds, he has passed. Otherwise, he must practice until this is an easy task.

Have your student practice this either for remedial purposes or to increase speed and efficiency.

Duration: 3 minutes, two to three times a day. When he can do this efficiently and easily, he no longer needs to practice.

Do Mazes.