Getting Started 2 – Language Arts & Mathematics



After starting Scriptures and Brain Gym, begin later in the day or the second day, Language Arts. If you do Language Arts the first day, begin Math the second day. If you start Language Age the second day, begin Math the third day.

Take Level One’s Unit One’s End of Unit Test. If you pass, go on to Level One, Unit Two and take that End of Unit Test.

Tests must be passed with a 100% score.

This means, if you miss anything, look-up the lesson number or numbers for which you missed questions. Study these, and learn.

Then, retake the End of Unit Test.

Once you pass an End of Unit Test in a particular subject, you may go on to the next Unit in that subject and take that test.

You will find your working level when you miss 25% or more of the Unit’s questions. Stop and work the whole Unit, then retake the End of Unit Test.

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