Getting Started 2 – Navigating the Site

Instructions on Site Navigation: Highlight and Print

1) If you are accessing a course within the Subject Grid and wish to go back to a previous Unit, click on the BACK ARROW at the top left of your screen.
2) All Classes and Courses or Units are listed under the first entry for each subject area.

FREE CLASSES – K-2nd & Special Interest Courses
These are accessible within this, the Description area of the Subject Grid, just as this and the previous three categories: Parent Handbook, Orientation, and Foundations.

1) K-2nd, the beginning levels 1 & 2 in Scriptures, Language Arts, Mathematics, Financial Literacy, Family Life, History+, Science, and Fine Arts. These include video and PDF lessons.
2) SPECIAL INTEREST CLASSES may be found in several of the subjects and are listed in the TABLE of CONTENTS for each subject.


Click the SIGN-UP BUTTON and follow the instructions there to subscribe.
After you sign-up, you can access the Video & PDF Access one of two ways:

1 – On the HOME PAGE through the “Video and PDF Access” Link under “OTHER LINKS.”
2 – On the site’s top menu, the Curriculum and Homeschool page, through the “Video & PDF Access” Dropdown link.

3 – Once in, enter your username and password.

4 – Click “Login”

5 – The Subject grid for the Curriculum should appear.

6 – Click on your chosen subject, then, choose your Unit of study.

7 – Open the Unit and Scroll down to the Lesson you want.

8 – When done with the lesson, you can either close-out the program or

9 – You can go back to the Subject Grid, choose a different subject, and again choose the Unit and lesson on which you wish to work.

10 – When finished using the the PDF & Video Access just close-out the grid and exit the site.


#1 – Go out of the site, refresh, then try again.

#2 – If that does not work, Contact us at 435-773-3766. If we are unavailable, please leave a text message. We will contact the support team. Unfortunately, they are available only from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. In the meantime, we can usually get the lesson or lessons you need to you through email.

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