Geography 300 OR – More on Landforms, the States Notebook, and America’s Natural Landscape


36 week course for mid-elementary students.


  • To review and keep current facts from the previous geography courses.
  • To learn basic landforms and features.
  • To learn more about maps.
  • To finish the States Notebook.
  • To learn more about the geography of the United States.


  • Internet Access
  • National Geographic Encyclopedia of the United States – Available from amazon new or used.
  • Tracing paper, colored pencils, States Notebook supplies.

Course Content:

  • Review of maps, states and capitals via games.
  • Videos on landforms.
  • Make maps of each US region.
  • Use games to learn US bodies of water – rivers, lakes, etc.
  • Watch videos on each sate and or region.
  • Review book contents on each state and add the new information to the States Notebook.
  • Last six weeks:  Take a video tour of the national parks.


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