Geography 201 OR Adjunct: Learning the Geography of the United States (Mini-Version)


This mini-course is for the elementary student in the mid to upper range who needs a good introductory  understanding of geography and of the United States.


  • Learn the definition of Geography
  • Find out what resources geographers use to study geography.
  • Learn why US Geography is so interesting.
  • Learn the locations, and size of the regions of the US.
  • Learn about US the population.
  • Learn about major US land areas.
  • Learn about US Biomes.
  • Learn about land use in the US.
  • Learn about the eight ways a geographer studies an area.
  • Pass the final quiz.
  • Seven lessons; 7 days – or longer if you wish to master aspects a bit more or shorten what is covered each day.  25 minute video.
  • Learn aboaut US climate.


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