Geography 100 OR – Mapping Our World


This is a full 36 week course.  For early elementary students.


  • To review and keep current the previous geography course – Units 1-8.
  • To learn more about maps.
  • To learn basic landforms and features.
  • To learn more about the geography of our world.
  • To learn more about the geography of the United states.


  • National Geographic Kids Beginners’ World Atlas
  • National Geographic Kids’ Beginners’ United States Atlas
  • The Complete Book of Maps and Geography – Grades 3-6

Course Contents:

  • Review – Play games played in previous course to keep Geography knowledge current.
  • More on Maps – Floor Plans, Map Keys, Map Routes, Compasses, City, State and National Maps, Map Scales, Population Maps
  • Other Kinds of Maps
  • Map Project
  • Memorize state abbreviations and all fifty sates through song.
  • Learn geography and a brief history of each stat.
  • Study of the Americas
  • The Grid System
  • 144 Lessons; 36 Review – Test Days.
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