Homeschooled youth and others, age 16 and older, who have not had the opportunity of graduating from high school may earn a High School Equivalency Diploma through the GED program.

Ascent Advantage Academy requires its students to earn a GED certificate and offers a class each summer for students  who wish to take the exam and pass the GED.

If there is enough interest, a class may be organized in either the Winter-Spring or Fall-Winter semesters, at a time other than the regular Online School Hours.  This may be a night class.  Minimum number of students required to hold a class: 4.

Class Requirements:  Purchase the recommended GED manual and take the practice tests to determine areas recommended for study. Then, attend the class regularly.  Cost is $180.00 per month of instruction at 2 hours per day, four days a week, Monday through Thursday.  Course delivery is through Zoom.  Call 435-773-3766  or email via the contact page to inquire about a class.

Most students pass the GED after one to two months of study.

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