Scripture Stories 3 – Book of Mormon Stories – Scripture Study for Ages 4-7


This is the third of a series of four scripture classes for non-readers and early emergent readers, especially ages 4-7.
The courses, Scripture Stories 1 through 4, follow the rotation of the Church study program: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants.

This particular course was the very first created for Homeschool use and is still a winner. Parents and kids love the additional modern-day stories and insightful activities. TRY IT! YOU’LL LIKE IT!

We advise parents to use the course corresponding to the book being studied during the current year. In this way, there is cohesiveness to the Scripture studies of the young child and his family.

We also suggest that the family will want to use the stories as they come-up in the Come Follow Me course for the year.
Or, if preferred, Book of Mormon Stories has 48 Weeks’ worth of lessons, leaving room for an Easter, Christmas. and two General Conference weeks for lessons on current topics.

Review is always good. In fact, it, or rather repetition, is dubbed, “the Mother of Learning.” And, we all certainly want our young ones to know the stories of the Book of Mormon.
Therefore, we suggest that to not only increase reading capability, but also their retention of the stories of the Book of Mormon, that the stories be review periodically, as best fits your schedule.

We also suggest that the young child learn to identify the characters in each of the stories, be able to retell each story, and also tell the principles taught along with their real life applications. The parent should seek the counsel and guidance of the Holy Ghost in what exactly to emphasis in this regard. Thus, the course can be individualized to the needs of the individual student.

In addition, we suggest weekly scripture verse memorizations. This is not only a good practice to learn and infuse the Gospel into the life and mind of our young, but it is also good pedagogy. It strengthens the young one’s mental muscles and gives him confidence and a success experience in the adventure of learning.
CAUTION: Make the memorizations easy and short. If you wish your young one to memorize a lengthy verse, split it up into two or more weeks. We want our young ones to LOVE the Gospel and the Lord, not see learning about the Scripture, especially the Book of Mormon as drudgery.

Text: Book of Mormon Stories, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-days Saints. $3.80 at (Temporarily out-of-stock.)
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NOTE: The beginning videos are scattered throughout. You have to look for them, but it is worth it.