Fourth Grade History – Semester 2: American History II – Establishment of a Republic & a Church

Available January, 2024 with Videos, PDFs, Readings, Activities, and Simulations.

Semester 4 – Let’s Talk REAL HISTORY: American History II – Establishment of the Republic
– Covers From Columbus through to 1830
– Logs the several “Discoveries” of America
– Examines the Exploration of America by Whom and for What Purposes
– Colonial Settlements – Failures and Successes
– God’s Purposes
– Consolidation of English Rule
– The Colonies: Teenagers Wanting Rights and Self-Determination – Agency and Freedom
– Points of Conflict
– Committees of Correspondence
– April 19, 1775
– Conventions, War, and a General – WHY was Washington the “Indispensable” Man?
– The War for Independence and the Miracles
– Unrest; Conventions; Wise Men Raised up and a CONSTITUTION that belongs to ALL MANKIND.
– The First Years of the Republic – Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams, and Jackson
– A Light Bursts Forth in the Wilderness: Truth Is Restored
– The Church of Jesus Christ Is Again on the Earth!