Geography 100 – Beginning Geography and Earth in the Beginning – Online


Old Style – PDF

This course has four units:

Unit 1 – Beginning Geography & Earth – In the Beginning
– It has 7 lessons and tells about Pangea, Adam and Eve’s Home, the Division of the land in the days of Peleg.

Unit 2 – The Earth Today – Continents & Oceans and the Future
– It reviews what went before, what mow is – learning the continents and oceans, and what will be – Pangea again!
Contains lessons 8-13.

Unit 3 – Landforms
– It contains eight lessons and requires considerable learning about a number of landforms.

Unit 4 – Holidays
– It talks about how they came to be and projects that can be done for each.
It is more video oriented; starts with Labor Day and ends with Pioneer Day.

Unit 3 –