Music 1 – Primary Songs, We Sing Mother Goose, Xylophone I – Now Online


For ages 5-7 – Music education is so important. See WHY in the Importance of Music Mini-Course.

Make sure, whether here or elsewhere, that your child is blessed with a music education.

Music 1: Primary Songs, Mother Goose & Xylophone I

• 25 minutes, twice a week
• Primary Songs
• Wee Sing Songs
• Instrument lesson – Xylophone I

• Learning and Singing of 45 Primary Songs through Opening and Closing Exercises, plus in Music Class.
• Singing the 71 Wee Sing Mother Goose Songs
• Learning to Play the Xylophone and in the process
• Learn Rhythm
• Learn the notes of the scale
• The places of the notes on the treble clef
• 4/4 and ¾ Time signatures


For Primary songs, ONE or more of the following:
• The Children’s Songbook of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
• Access to or a tape or CD of the songs so that the child can sing-along and learn.
• On the Church site: Scroll down to the page number you want and play the song – instrumental only or both instrumental and vocal. To choose which you want, click on the ‘audio’ tab and make your choice.

For Wee Sing:
• Wee Sing Mother Goose Book & CD (Amazon) $6.79

For Xylophone I:
▪ Popular 8 Note Songs by Debra Newby, 2017 Edition (Amazon) $14.95
▪ Music by the Colors by Joseph Galamba (Amazon) $9.95
▪ HappyFishes Xylophone with Bright Multi-Colored Keys, Child-Safe Wooden Mallets and Music Cards for Kids by ASMALLFISH,
Amazon $14.95

Time Frame:
• Primary Songs begin and are the main feature the first three weeks.
• Wee Sing Songs begin the fourth week.
• Xylophone Lessons begin the ninth week.