Fifth Grade Math – Pre-Algebra


New Style – The Pre-Algebra course is for those who finish Right Start RS2 – Level F + or pass all the the Math Assessments to this point.

In other words, ANYONE who meets the qualification just listed by take the course.

What is needed:
1 – Video lessons beginning in August and extending throughout the school year.
Once they are online, they can be accessed 24/7. Quite an advantage.

2 -A composition book or two or more in which to take notes and do your work.

3 – Supplies for the Beehive Brain Box Learning System. IF you do not yet know this, see Parent Class 105.)

4 – A text, if you so wish, but NOT NECESSARY. Suggested text, if desired: The Art of Problem Solving Prealgabra by Rusczyk, Patrick, and Boppna. It is available from The Art of Problem Solving or AOPS Math for $59.00. It can also can be found on amazon and ebay used, for less.

Course contents:

Properties of Arithmetic
Number Theory
Equations and Inequalities
Ratios, Conversions, and Rates
Square Roots
Perimeter and Area
Right Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Data and Statistics
Problem-Solving Strategies