Fifth Grade Geography – Geography 500: Roots of Cultural Geography – A Study of World Religions, and Government and Economic Systems

Old Style PDF Excellent Full Year Course

For the student to understand the various religious, government, and economics systems in order to better understand the people of various countries that will be studied over the next several years.

Why is religion so important? Because, to the extent to which a people are aware of and obey God’s Laws determines in large measure their score on the ‘happiness’ scale and how, as a society of the whole, they fare between the extremes of grief, pain, and agony or progress, prosperity, and happiness.

– The Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions, Internet Liked available through amazom.
– This download
– Supplies for the Beehive Brain Box Learning System. (See Parent Class 105 if you are unfamiliar.)
– Course Journal or Composition book.

Course Format:
– 29 week course
– 109 lessons on religion
– 7 on Government and Economic Systems
31 Reviews
2 Finals

Ponder: What do Government and Economic Systems have to do with the War in Heaven or Agency? This course will help you know.