This subject area includes Personal and Family History & Genealogy; Family Living and Family Studies, particularly courses taken from the BYU texts on the Proclamation to the World.

1 – FAMILY LIFE & HISTORY 1 – Personal History & Journal Writing I

An introductory course bringing the student up-to-date in his personal history and instructing in journal writing.

2 – FAMILY LIFE & HISTORY – Personal History & Journal Writing II, plus Parent Stats and Stories


Updating personal history; reviewing and critiquing one’s journal; plus making a Memory Book of one’s Parents.

Suggested help: Questions to Ask Your Parents And Grandparents: Guided Interview Workbook to Document the Life of An Older Family Member, $9.95 at HINT: Do NOT write in the book. Use the questions and Write them and the answers in the memory book on other sheets of acid-free paper. You will want to reuse and reuse this book for each individual you interview.

3 – FAMILY LIFE & HISTORY 3 – Personal History & Journal Writing III, plus Sibling Stats and Stories.

Update your histories, review and critique your journal writing, plus create a Memory Book on your siblings.

4 – FAMILY LIFE & HISTORY 4 – Personal History and Journal Writing IV, plus Former Generations Stats and Stories

Update histories, review and critique your journal writing, and make a Memory Book for your Grands and Great-Grands.

5 – FAMILY LIFE & HISTORY 5 – Personal History and Journal Writing V, plus Family Research II

Updating of histories, reviewing and critiquing of Journal Writing; plus doing original research.

Learn to use Family Search and its Aps, plus other Family History sites. Document your Family Tree. Do original research and find at least one name to clear for Temple ordinances. Work on extending one line.

6 – FAMILIY LIFE & HISTORY 6 – Personal History and Journal Writing VI, plus Extended Family Stats and Stories and a Service Project!

Update your histories; review and critique your journal writing. Make a Memory book of extended family members, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Be sure to also include, if you have marries siblings, their spouses an children in the book about your siblings.

Finally, help someone in your area with their Family History.

7 – FAMILY LIFE & HISTORY 7 – Personal History & Journal Writing 7, plus Councils and Traditions

Keep your histories and journals up-to-date. It is easier to enter events when they happen than trying to remember events once-a-year.

Review and Record or begin and record Family Councils. You will need: Our Family Council Journal, $15.99 at

Also, learn about traditions in a family. You will need: 250 Ways to Connect With Your Family, $9.49 at

8 – FAMILY LIFE & HISTORY 8 – Personal History & Journal Writing 8, plus The Proclamation on the Family

Update and Critiquing, plus study of the first half of Strengthening Our Families – An In-Depth Book Look at the Proclamation on the Family, School of Family Life, by David C. Dollahite, Brigham Young University. $30.98 at

9 – FAMILY LIFE & HISTORY 9 – Personal History & Journal Writing 9, plus Proclamation on the Family, Pt 2

Updating, reviewing and critiquing, plus the second-half of the BYU Proclamation text.

10 – FAMILY LIFE & HISTORY 10 – Personal History & Journal Writing 10, plus Creating a Celestial Home Environment

Updating of Histories, Reviewing and Critiquing of your Journal; plus study and practicing concepts set forth in “The Life-Giving Home – A Place of Belonging & Becoming,” by Sally and Sarah Clarkson. $13.99 at

11 & 12 – FAMILY LIFE 11 & 12 – Further Study on the Proclamation

Of course, keep updating your histories, keep working on family research, keep writing in your journal, AND commence a two-year study of Helping and Healing Our Families – Principles and Practices Inspired by “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” $35.02 at

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