FAMILY ARTS 7 – Little House Living: The Make-Your-Own Guide to a Frugal, Simple and Self-Sufficient Life – Now Online

In Level 7, we get very serious about learning ways to manage on a budget, with very little.

The title of this course comes from its text: Little House Living by Merissa A. Link. It is available at amazon in paperback form for $22.00 – a real bargain. You will save a lot. However, there are also used copies of the hardback, which we recommend, as you will definitely want to keep and use this book for years.

The book teaches one how to get along on little and how to make much from little. It includes recipes for concoctions – SAFE ones – for Body and Beauty, Household use, Children and Pets. Everything from homemade playdough to ant spray to dry shampoo to healing salve and a stain stick. Sixty-five items in all. Homemade and safe.

In addition there are recipes for make-ahead mixes – 80 to be exact. Then, there is the section on Meal Planning and Mixes and the APPENDICES.

THE APPENDICES sport lists of 3 to 13 uses of 29 household items! This is a GEM you do NOT want to miss.

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries? The Make-Ahead Mixes, the the Beauty, Body, and Household Aids, and even the Lists are great presents! $ave.