Family Life 4 – Culture and Responsibilities

The personal journal project continues. The student is directed to examine family culture – the way the family does things. What are their traditions? These are to be recorded and kept with other family memorabilia. In addition, the student is expected to realize his role as a family member and be responsible for doing his part in and for the family. What does this look like? Chores? Governing himself Taking care of his things and room or part of a bedroom? Helping when asked? Obeying his parents? Working to create peace and quell contention? Helping the family become a celestial family by doing as Heavenly Father would have him do? Deep thoughts and questions are examined.

In addition, the student begins a growing project from re-growing food from garden scraps to full-fledged gardening – as far as his circumstances permit. This project is continued in Levels 5 & 6.

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