Family Life 3 – Definitions and Beginnings of Family Councils – Now Online

PDF & Text – Ages 8 & Up

Uses a Church Manual Lesson as the basis for the beginning of this course: Principles of Leadership Teachers Manual for Religion 180R, pages 84-92 accessible through the Church website. The course gives the foundations and understanding of councils in the Lord’s way of governance and extends that to the family. Excellent. It makes one eager for the implementation of
regular Family Councils and suggests what a young child can do to participate meaningfully in that governing body.

Also of worth, should the family decide it would be advantageous, is Elder M. Russell Ballard’s, Our Family Council Journal, $15.99 at

Do not miss the joy of holding regular Family Councils. It not only brings cohesiveness, understanding, and cooperation to a family, but also trains in the Lord’s way of governing.