Family History 5 – Beyond the Great-Grands – Family Research & Finding Relatives Who Need Their Temple Work Done – Coming Soon

PDF and Some Help from Your Local Family History Experts. All Ages 8 & Up

One of the most joyous times in my life was when I served a mission at the St. George Family Search Center. While there, I helped others find their missing relatives, and found some of my husband’s, for whom we had searched for decades.

So, my point? Be humble. Look at your ancestral record. Seek help in learning how to do the research, and go for it.

Dedicate a set time each week. Keep plowing and you will have a harvest.

NOTE: Working with Family Search changes so rapidly, that we do NOT offer here HOW to search the site.
However, we Do offer some suggestions, and a plan of progressing the work that we hope will be of help.