English Assessment – Spectrum Language Arts – IP

If you are using the Spectrum Series for Language Arts, go to the FIRST GRADE LEVEL, and look at Language Arts – Spectrum Series.

NOTE: The Spectrum Series boasts several UNIT WORKBOOKS: Phonics, Sight Words, Spelling, Writing, Reading, and Language Arts. Some titles drop-off at higher levels and other titles, such as VOCABULARY, may be added.

The detailed descriptions are given under each unit and are your keys as to whether or not your child can pass the level with greater than 80% accuracy.

Ask you child questions concerning the course material.

Test him with the First Grade Level Language Arts – Spectrum Series, doing one unit at a time. IF he can pass with over 80% accuracy, repeat the testing process. Continue through the Unit and Grade Levels until he can no longer answer Questions with an greater than 80% accuracy. When he dips to 80% or below accuracy, STOP. That is the level in which he should begin work.

Be aware that since there are units in each level that your student may pass one, two, or three units at a particular level and not one or two other units. THAT’S GREAT! You have found where he is deficient. Definitely begin with the unit or units in which he is deficient. Bring him up to a grade level, then begin testing the next level. Again, begin where your child is deficient.

Of course, you may find that he is working in the same level for all the units. If so, that’s GREAT! Wherever your child is, that is where you begin and work.