English Assessment – Mrs. K. Language Arts – IP


Mrs. K. Language Arts begins in the PreK Level and teaches the alphabet phonics, some site words, some spelling, some reading and writing, and some Language Arts Conventions. It is a good precursor for either Mrs. K. Kindergarten Language Arts or Spectrum Kindergarten Language Arts.

To test for your Starting Level in Mrs. K. Language Arts, begin with the Pre-K Level.

Go to the Pre-K Grade Icon, then Language Arts – Mrs. K. Series. The description there is quite detailed. Ask your child the questions by turning each statement into a question. There is also a Video with which you can check your child’s knowledge of Alphabet Phonemes. If he passes with over 80% accuracy between the questions and the video phoneme test, he has passed the level.

HOWEVER, whatever he may have missed, have him learn. Go into the PreK course and find the lesson or lessons he needs to do. Then go on to Mrs. K First Kindergarten Language Arts or Spectrum Kindergarten Language Arts and continue the testing. If he passes Kindergarten Language Arts with over 80% accuracy, follow the same protocol. Whatever he missed, go into the Kindergarten Level and have him learn what he missed. Then, go on.

Following this protocol, he will have no “potholes” and be able to have a smooth ride.